Back-Office Solutions for Private Equity Firms

Focus on managing portfolios and raising capital.
Leave the back-office services to us.

Investing in the future has never been more complex. With continuing credit crunch and economic uncertainties, your private equity firm must clearly focus on meeting the expectations of investors and identifying the most promising opportunities.

The last thing you need is to divert that time and energy to your back-office responsibilities. MD&Co. teams with you to streamline your back office administration – from bookkeeping and interim financial reporting, to management audits and preparing all necessary tax returns.

You focus on what matters most – managing portfolios and raising capital – and our specialists handle the rest. It’s the formula you need for high level performance.

In addition to the our general business services, we offer the following specialized tax and accounting services to our private equity clients:

*Outsourced Accounting Services – from bill paying and payroll to preparing monthly financial statements, MD&Co. provides streamlined solutions for all your day-to-day accounting services. As a key extension of our firm, we deliver valuable insight, knowledge, and the hands-on experience you need for all the benefits of a fully functioning back office.

*Investor Reporting - we maintain and produce financial statements, including waterfall schedules to calculate unrealized carried interest, for your reporting entities. We can help you report asset allocations and holdings, commitment tracking, performance metrics (gross and net IRR) to your investors. We also help consolidate investor capital accounts and investment performance amongst various entities.

*Member Capital Accounts – we thoroughly understand the fine details in maintaining individual member accounts. You can trust us to provide a suite of services: recording capital contributions, management fees, distributions, as well as maintaining waterfall schedules, tracking preferred returns, and allocating profit and loss.

*Tax Services – the tax obligations associated with private equity firms and their related entities are often vast and complex. MD&Co. professionals are highly trained in partnership taxation and are up-to-date on the latest tax and reporting issues. Our tax services include:

  • Federal and State Partnership Income Tax Returns
  • Partnership K-1s
  • Personal Property Returns
  • Business Entity Returns
  • Forms 1099-Misc, Payroll, or other Informational Returns

*Independent Audit Support – with our extensive experience in performing independent audits, MD&Co. is uniquely qualified to manage your audit process and help meet your audit responsibilities. Our broad understanding means we can also help with interpreting new accounting pronouncements and help you implement internal controls.

We excel at managing the entire process: interviewing an outside audit firm, preparing all necessary schedules and analyses, and drafting financial statements. Our specialists will field all questions and assist your audit firm with all document requirements, streamlining their audit process and saving you valuable time and money.

*Our Comprehensive Services – MD&Co. offers comprehensive solutions that provide relief from the many time-consuming accounting and back-office tasks. Whether you choose to involve us on a weekly, monthly, or customized schedule, we can help you keep accurate accounting records and comply with tax regulations.

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Payroll, Pension and HR Administration
  • Financial Statements
  • Performance Measurement
  • Tax Planning and Analysis
  • Tax Returns and Schedule K-1s
  • Year-end Audit

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